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9.3.06, Flying klm: Very intriguing... something a little ghostly about the beginning? And yet the book relates so well to real life.

8.8.06, La_coolbiker: I liked the online extract for this. When I started reading it the beginning felt like I knew too much where it was going, but I got quite into it by the time I got to the end as it got the threads of the story going very easily.


8.1.06, Stephy: Oh what a rollercoaster ride of emotions. the further into the book you get the more you have to keep reading. Make sure there's a box of tissues nearby but even tho I don't tend to like sad books this one is fabulous, and has plenty of laughs along the way. It gets my seal of approval.

31.5.07, PK: What an amazing book. I loved it from start to end. It held me in delight and/or tension right the way through. The author writes exquisitely.

28.3.06, Tess: I enjoyed reading this book: it took me time to get into the story but it was well worth the effort as I found I couldn’t put it down. The book depicted some of the best that humans are capable of achieving, and was exciting, challenging and thought-provoking.

18.5.06, Joyful I: Amazing powers of imagination and story-telling! The book has a breathless character, and is written with a particularly good ear for dialogue; anticipation builds up of what's to come, with a brooding sense of the power of the waves and of those who hold sway over the characters... and it is a brilliant ending in fact.

31.5.06, PK: I was engaged early on and found it often emotive, sometimes shocking, even jarring. It was delightfully full of suspense and had me longing to know how things were going to turn out, hoping for a good outcome for the characters. I certainly didn't guess the ending - and I don't think I could have thought of a better one.