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Envelope of a Letter

by Laura Dawn

An invitation that cannot be refused?

How could Annette Eider possibly turn down an invitation to visit Clemence Skye at Rookery Castle?

Having been left with severe scars in a carriage accident when she was a teenager, Annette feels she has no option but to decline the wonderful invitation to visit her charming cousin at his magnificent castle. Her sister Anna, however, considers it an opportunity not to be missed, and together they hatch a plan that soon spirals rapidly out of control...

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For how long can Anna hold on to what she cannot resist? What lengths will she go to?

Laura Dawn's writing has been described by our short story competition judge as an 'inventive colloquial third person style'.

Her narrative insights into the minds of Regency characters in Envelope of a Letter uniquely allow a contemporary reader to combine the romantic appeal of Pride and Prejudice with their own post-modern experience.

Readers say:

“All the romantic appeal of the Pride and Prejudice era, wonderfully told for a contemporary reader through the eyes of a post-modern narrator.”

“A fabulous period book, with plenty of laughs along the way.”

“Combines the tragic with the light-hearted in a romantic comedy that ‘goes deeper’.”

“A rollercoaster of emotions.”

Fygleaves says......

The most up-to-date regency novelist who has ever written!

UK £9.99, available to order online or in bookshops: buy it now on play.com

You can email us if you have any difficulting obtaining a copy:
ISBN 9780955078019

About the author:
Having developed an interest in books at a young age, Laura started writing as a means of keeping herself occupied while fighting anorexia as a teenager.

During that time she tried out many genres but developed a romantic attachment for period novels, and had this first book published at the age of 19 a while she was working in a bookshop in her native Essex.

From the author of Whitewash, a runner-up in our 2004 short story competition: this novel gives Laura the freedom to develop her characters and setting in the fullness of her powerful style.