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 Authors revealing their leaves to the world

Fygleaves is a small publisher and agent which exists to provide opportunities for previously unpublished authors.

We are currently representing a small number of authors as literary agent:

In addition to representing authors and their manuscripts as an agent, we occasionally also publish books ourselves, to increase the writer's profile - especially in cases where we consider it may be difficult for a mainstream publisher to give a first-time opportunity to an author whose work crosses different genres.


MANUSCRIPT S by new author: teens MI6 adventure novel with similarities to Alex Rider series - schoolchildren heroes prevent an international terrorist plot from taking place.

MANUSCRIPT MPW by new author: a refugee from Africa tries to enter the UK with a false passport and finds her perspectives on life turned upside down by a street mugger and a lonely widower's young children.

MANUSCRIPT HITC by new author: fairy tale for pre-teens - one of the creatures in charge of pouring out the world's rainfall pre-empts a chase to the foot of a rainbow with catastrophic results.

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