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This is a specicalist imprint and authors may submit their work by invitation only.

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Our previous anthologies are still available for order and we hope to revive the 5photostory competition again in the future.

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Discounts are available with our Reading Club for pioneers of new fiction.

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We do accept fiction submissions when they are submitted according to these guidelines. However, please note that we do not accept unsolicited submissions of non-fiction.


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Our Pioneer Readers


Our Pioneer Readers and Pioneer Teens imprints were created to enable readers to specifically choose a novel by a new novelist, in an attempt to kickstart a movement which makes unpublished novelists more desirable to mainstream publishers. We believe that many unpublished writers have a unique novel inside them.

We therefore carry out a tough editorial process, which is often more than our writers were expecting, in order to help the author re-write their own work and bring it up to a higher standard: the inherent weakness of self-publishing is the normal lack of editorial input but we pride ourselves on the quality of our committed editorial process. In this way we are able to offer an alternative for authors who are frustrated by the lack of opportunities available from larger publishers.

Our aim is to be at the forefront of a new movement that combines the creativity of writers who resort to self-publishing with the editorial input we are able to provide. This approach enables us to consider a wider range of submissions than many mainstream publishers, and our entire reputation is based on the premise that if a reader enjoys any one of our 'pioneer' novels, he or she will enjoy our other novels too.

Discounts are available to members of our Pioneer Readers Reading Club, and it is a perfect way to buy presents for friends and family.