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This is a specicalist imprint and authors may submit their work by invitation only.

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Our previous anthologies are still available for order and we hope to revive the 5photostory competition again in the future.

Pioneer Readers

Discounts are available with our Reading Club for pioneers of new fiction.

Contact and Submissions

We do accept fiction submissions when they are submitted according to these guidelines. However, please note that we do not accept unsolicited submissions of non-fiction.


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Support and submissions


For general enquiries please contact us using the email address below. If you are having difficulty obtaining any of our books please also contact us using this email address. We aim to reply to general enquiries within 24 working hours.

We do accept unsolicited submissions for fiction manuscripts, which may be considered for our Pioneer Readers or Pioneer Teens imprints. The guidelines below outline the stages of the submissions process. Please be aware, however, that we do not accept attachments in the first instance.

Contact stage: Please use our author submissions email address below by sending an enquiry which includes a brief outline of your manuscript and approximate word count, the target audience, and a declaration that you are previously unpublished as a novelist. Please note that if you have previously self-published a novel we cannot consider your work for our Pioneer Readers or Pioneer Teens imprints.

Initial stage: We will then reply with full details of how to submit a sample of your manuscript to us along with a short synopsis.

Interim stage 1: If our editorial team would like to see a further submission we will request that along with a full synopsis, so you may choose to prepare your full synopsis in advance if you do not want to delay the processing of your submission.

We aim to reply to all enquiries at the contact stage within 48 working hours, and we aim to reply to submissions at the initial stage within 2 working weeks, depending on the workload of our editorial team. Please be patient with us at the initial stage and all interim stages because the final decision on all submissions is taken by our lead editor, and we are not always able to reply within this timescale due to the volume of submissions we receive.

Fygleaves is a small independent publisher also working in conjunction with the literary agent FYG Explorer, and in certain circumstances it may be possible for authors to be linked up with FYG Explorer directly, although this is not our normal procedure.