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The Myths of Turret Rock


When Hermanus has an opportunity to escape from his slave compound, the one thing he is not worried about is the waves on the beach.

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Shocked, however, by the King's institution of a system for throwing traitors to certain death in the violent waves at Turret Rock, Hermanus starts to discover insights into the myths on which the King's power is based, and finds himself beseiged by dilemmas which will determine where his loyalties lie - with his wife, his brother, or the memory of his grandfather?

This ground-breaking first novel has attracted comparisons with Orwellian expositions of thinking being turned on its head.

While gathering unstoppable pace as an adventure novel, the setting of very human characters in a fictional world also acts like a mirror which challenges us to see our own lives in a new light.

Readers say:

“The book was exciting, challenging and thought-provoking, and depicted some of the best that humans are capable of achieving.”

“Amazing powers of imagination and story-telling, with what is in fact a brilliant ending.”

“A brooding sense of the power of the waves and of those who hold sway over the characters...”

“Often emotive, sometimes shocking, even jarring; delightfully full of suspense and I certainly didn't guess the ending.”

Fygleaves says......

This book is the second-best adventure you can have on a beach...!

UK £9.99, available to order online or in bookshops: buy it now on play.com

You can email us if you have any difficulting obtaining a copy:
ISBN 9780955078002

This writing addict had his sights set on a novel since leaving university, and his ingenious plot was inspired by the coastline of South Africa. The setting of the book also draws strongly upon his experience of post-Communist Albania.

A boy and the entrancing power of the island waves -

A young man and the all-encompassing power of the myths