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Why are we called Fygleaves?

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This is a specicalist imprint and authors may submit their work by invitation only.

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Our previous anthologies are still available for order and we hope to revive the 5photostory competition again in the future.

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Discounts are available with our Reading Club for pioneers of new fiction.

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We do accept fiction submissions when they are submitted according to these guidelines. However, please note that we do not accept unsolicited submissions of non-fiction.


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Authors revealing their leaves to the world


Why are we called Fygleaves? We exist to provide opportunity for first-time writers of any age: For Your Generation.

As a first-time novelist it often feels as if you are letting readers into a glimpse of your innermost self...

Our novels are subjected to a very hands-on editorial process but because we are looking for innovative and unique elements in the manuscripts we select for publication, these books normally reveal something of the authors themselves in one way or another - in this way we think of our novelists as 'revealing their leaves to the world'.

Our books for Pioneer Readers are aimed at a general fiction readership and are therefore of interest to readers of any age: this means they are also For Your Generation.

We provide a way for readers to practically help new authors who deserve to get their big break.

We publish short stories and first-time novelists, so that these books are available to Pioneer Readers who want to see more new writers given their chance. You can help break the publishing bottleneck!